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AfricaAfrica Team consists of family members. Merikerttu and Suleman run the business activity and Merikerttu’s parents are senior advisers.

The young couple has met on the train to Tampere (Finland) and ever since they have started to build up their life together.

Merikerttu is a music theatre practitioner and therefore used to social situations and organizing. 

Suleman is a Ghanaian businessman, whose knowledge and Ghanaian network have been vital for the label to exist.

Mekku’s and Sule’s history includes lot of travelling between Finland, Ghana and UK for work, study and family reasons. 

Actually, without all this travelling AfricaAfricaShop wouldn’t have started. 

AfricaAfrica’s idea was born when the Finnish team members brought a couple of bags from Ghana to Finland. They were meant to be for their own use, but when Mekku’s father saw the bags, he adored them. He thought that the colours in the bags were exceptional. The idea of importing these items to Finland was born. At first, the idea seemed too challenging but when some weeks passed by, it was obvious that we would give it a go!

We have selected our products from the professional Ghanaian handicraft professionals, which we hope would find their place in Nordic street and home view.

We want these products to delight our customers with their bright, strong and vibrant colours. We simply believe in their power. The figures, shapes and design are unique. The African look can be mingled into the Nordic grey, neutral and earthy style. We are aiming for their balance.

Hopefully our story will get you excited about bringing a piece of Africa into your everyday life!





Administration, Customer Service, Sales

You will meet Mekku at the happenings face to face, and most likely she replies to your emails and other enquiries. :) 

Suleman Akparibo

Purchases, Import and Export, Sales

Suleman looks after the Ghanaian network and production. He organises the products from Ghana to Finland. You can also meet him in the sales events.

Tellervo Mutala

Senior Adviser, Finance

Tellervo has a 36-year experience of entrepreneurship. She is interested in African issues and lifestyle. Her advice is often valuable in terms of Finnish business field.

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